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" Skysight" - Seeing the self from the Sky

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Perhaps there is nothing more helpful than eyesight, or as I call it "skysight" - the mind's ability to see itself form the an outside perspective - self observation.

I give you an example of "skysight". You look at your self driving to work while you are actually driving to work and 1. Observe your self, 2. Describe your self, your thoughts, your feelings, your concerns and worries, your history and experiences and goals and dreams ... 3.Never judge , Don't pass value judgment on yourself (this is the magical part of it all - the passing of value judgments kills the process shutting it down before the result is obtained.) If you follow the three parts the results will spontaneously appear to you in a sense of direction, conviction, insight in to how you are truly feeling, or what you are experiencing or going through.

This stands in contrast to groundsight - which is being stuck in or entangled in the moment, and drug under by momentary emotional inertia, which often clouds the mind and can result in judgement or actions that are regrettable.

Skysight is a divine gift, it is being able to look at our lives from God's eyes. It connects us to our context, our past and our future - so that time itself is suspended. The future and the past are at once one. This is wisdom.

Eiman Sharmin

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