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Fragmentation - the undoer of all...

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

In this Blog I will discuss fragmentation, what it is and how it effects our success and daily lives.

Fragmentation, the disabler of dreams ...

Fragmentation is simply the natural process of dividing a resource and applying it to the problem in segments. For example, time is a "resource". So when you want to solve a problem like learn a new skill, you can apply your time/resource to it all at once meaning you sit in an undisturbed setting, without interruption or distraction, fully focused for the entire duration of your resource (your time block) and apply your self. By applying your self in this manner you concentrated the full strength of your resource in one focal point thus maximizing it's effect.

Now compare and contract this to accepting 3-5 interruptions during your one hour time block/resource. Each interruption breaks apart the resource in to smaller less effective segments, each broke segment affording the mind less concentration and reducing its inertia and focus thus disabling it from learning much at all.

Another example of a resource is a relationship. Compare your affection, loyalty and commitment as a resource. If you focus all of you affection, attention, loyalty and love one one person (provided the person is not the "wrong" person to begin with you can maximize the return love, affection and loyalty from the person in reciprocal response to the focused effort put forward towards them.

In comparison, imagine you divide you loyalty and affection amount many partners. Giving each a small amount of attention and kindness with a contact interruption in the relationship by other people of interest who are similarly situated to each other. You may be popular but perhaps you will miss out on a more fulfilling committed relationship in the long haul.

This concept applies every where, even in antibiotics for example. Imagine suffering from a major bacterial infection and attempting to use a 10 day 30 pill resource of medicine in fragmented form. Meaning you take a pill occasionally here and there. Chances are you may suffer from your illness for significantly more than a person who focused the medical resource on the problem and takes the pill regiment 3/day for 10 days every day.

A defragmented person is like the edge of a sharp sword, concentrated, condensed, focused can cut anything. A fragmented person is like a dull blade, driven in too many directions at the same time. Unfocused, distracted and disabled getting nothing of significance done at all.

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