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The Art of War ... Calm Amidst the Fire

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

In this post I will share my personal philosophy on the spiritual attributes of true warriors.

"In the Way of the Martial Arts, do not let your frame of mind be any different from your everyday mind. In both everyday and military events, your mind should not change in the least, but should be broad and straightforward, neither drawn too tight nor allowed to slacken even a little .... Do not let your mind stand even when you are in rest, but do not let it speed up even when you are involved in quick actions. The mind should not be distracted by the body, nor the body distracted by the mind. "

- Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings

This is a quote from Musashi - arguably the greatest swordsman that Japan ever produced. Also a ronin. The "everyday mind" the he refers to has been an issue of great concern for me. It really, means the un-effected mind, an un-tilted mind, a casual mind and resembles the warriors mindset amidst great conflict.

The opposite of this mindset is a tense, suited up, point focused, battlefield mind. In all respects it is a narrow mind, a mind that is too rigid and can not travel along conflict filled roads without leading itself to defeat.

Remember - a warriors mind is humble mind a mind that is able to see and observe - a still - relaxed - listening mind. Clam your mind amidst the great fire and you will defeat your enemy.

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