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Fear and Humility - Oil and Water

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

In this Blog I will discuss how humility is the antidote to fear.

The medicine for fear is humility.

In most cases fear is provoked or brought upon by the worry over self preservation. He fears shame so is therefore worried about not being seen living in a small house or driving an unimpressive car. He fears ridicule so therefore worries obsessively about his position on the team or the firm or the company whatever the case may be.

So you may be thinking that I am advocating poverty or low rank and suggesting that we abandon all effort at self improvement and growth and I am not at all.

All I am saying is how we get to the destination is more important that our arrival. For example, if your goal were to meet the president in the oval office having arrived there by invitation due to effort and achievement is much more impressive that attempting to crawl in through the window for a surprise visit!

The point is just as fear is brought about by the need for self preservation and pride, humility is brought about by devotion to a hire cause. Meaning this, if you want to be the team leader because you want to take on the responsibility of guiding your team to first place in celebration of a team member who recently lost his life you may find your self benefitting from some unstoppable power. But in the case your actions are not motivated by self gain, but instead by a hire cause.

If you want to be the CEO of your company because you believe in your company's mission of serving and helping people and you want to be the CEO because you want to take on the responsibility of making sure the company does it's job and people benefit that, is honorable and you may find your self to be unafraid.

But the key ingredient here is that the person, has no selfish ambition, no pride. They are self displaced, what is mean is that they have displaced them selves their self interest with another interest, a higher interest. This is how humility is achieved and how fear leaves us.

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